A broken dryer is bad news. But luckily, you can get a prompt dryer repair Arlington service by calling us. Our company is here to address any queries ASAP. Is your appliance too hot and producing a burning smell? Is it too noisy and vibrating excessively? We’re ready to come to the rescue shortly! Just give us a call and let us know about the dryer problem. Wherever you are in Arlington, Texas, we will send a well-versed washer and dryer repair expert to fix it in a heartbeat. So, why delay?

You get the best quality dryer repair in Arlington

Dryer Repair ArlingtonModern laundry appliances are complex. Thus, dryer repair is hardly easy. It takes a lot of expertise to define any problem and just as much skills to address it. Don’t you think it’s a task for a field pro? If so, assign the job to us! We provide truly capable techs. Experienced with both electric and gas models, they know how to fix each of them well. Plus, they have lots of parts and tools to do it during the first and only visit. Isn’t it a good reason to hire Arlington Appliance Repair Central?

Schedule routine dryer service with us

Booking pro preventive dryer service is a must. Of course, you can try to maintain the appliance yourself. However, this task is no joke. Dryers are potentially dangerous. They produce lint which builds-up in the lint trap, the ductwork and the outside vents. As this stuff is flammable, getting it cleared out expertly is in your own interest. Just call us! We can assign a well-equipped appliance repair Arlington TX pro to check your unit, replace worn parts and clean the dryer vents. And all this, at a good price!

We send experts to provide dryer installation

Is a brand new dryer installation on the table? Feel free to book it here! This task is as complex as any other dryer service in Arlington. So, don’t risk it and let us provide you with a trusted expert. The techs are trained to fit both gas and electric models. Moreover, they can install stackable units just as easily. Want to book an appointment? Just dial our number and pick a suitable day and time for a pro to arrive. All in all, we are your best bet for any Arlington dryer repair & service!